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Extra Credit Score Reporting:

Score reporting for extra credit is still available from  Click the graphic of any main page to switch to the score reporting version of!  If you would like to use score reporting - you may need to have an adult make some changes to your computer.  Have an adult click the link below.

How to use Score Reporting

Flash Help - You can't see the menu buttons.

Your new flash player should have installed itself automatically. However, some computer settings might not allow this and you will need to update your computer manually. Hop over to Macromedia (now owned by Adobe) and pick up the latest flash player - Macromedia.  While you are there, you'll want to update your shockwave player too.  Macromedia is a fine company and like Microsoft - Since they make their money selling software to developers like myself, they will be pleased to give you their players for free and never annoy you with spam or other nuisances. (you may need to use their uninstaller)

Workbook Pages

You get a "save as" dialog when you click a workbook page. Acrobat files are the standard for internet documents. The reader is free and easy to get!  Like Microsoft, Adobe makes it money from software sales to developers like myself.  They will be pleased to give you their viewer for free and not bother you with spam or other nuisances.

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